Monday, April 24, 2017

So I've been music time-travellin' to the 60's and 70's...(Part 1)

     Hey pretty little emo guys&girls. It's been a long friggin' time since I've updated this crumby papyrus of mine. Just kidding. 

     Anyway, I've been busy with a few big projects (that I doubt I would finish soon, but I'm still hopeful :) ). I had to calm my mind during my breaks (lets be honest: Am I taking more hours of break time than work?). And to calm one's mind, one must do:
     a.) yoga
     b.) meditation
     c.) drugs
     d.) all of the above. Umm, not me! Instead I turned to good, old (literally) music. Here's 11 of the tracks in my new playlist:

From the 70's...and 60's:

1. "Fox on the Run" - Sweet (1974)

High pitched screechy male vocals and mostly sexist lyrics, no doubt it's glam rock. I'm not sure how to describe the sci-fi sounding intro... The beat is surely nod-inducing. Still don't know what she's running from, and I certainly don't want to.

2. "The Chain" - Fleetwood Mac (1977)

I never really thought I'd listen to Fleetwood Mac. I mean, I never really listened to anything near the Country genre. But this song rocks. It will pass as a hit in the present day; it just reminds me of current indie acts that I've always loved. From the guitars and bass riffs, to the dueling vocals, very neat. I don't think I'd say anything bad about this track, and I'm looking forward to listening to more from them.
3. "Come A Little Bit Closer" - Jay & The Americans (1964)

This is the most visual song I've heard in a while. You just can't listen to this song without smiling (or laughing). It's really brassy and cheesy, and the story is just simply hilarious.

4. "Hooked On A Feeling" - Blue Swede (1973)

"Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga"!! Everyone knows this by now. Apocalypt-ish chants slapped on a really sweet pop tune. I thought this was a recent cover of an old song; it just sounds so strange! ...In the best way. It's one of those songs where you kinda stop yourself from dancing, but you do anyway. LOL

5. "Suffragette City" - David Bowie (1972)

I never really listened to Bowie; I avoided that "being nice when someone dies" bandwagon last year. I super respected that he's artistically weird until the few moments of his life. Anyway, this track is just a pure pop rock tune perfect for long drives. That "Wham-bam, thank you, ma'am!" part is awesome. :)

Is the playlist familiar? Sure! It's from the only corny/awful(ly mainstream) movie that I'm actually excited to see this year: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! I actually want to see it just because of the soundtrack... And Little Jimmy Urine of course, let's not forget he's there.

P.S. There's this Japanese film that I only watched because it had great music from the Showa era, titled Showa Kayo Daizenshu (Karaoke Terror). Similar to #GOTGVol2, it's not a musical; it's where the characters are obssessed with these era-specific tunes. Oh, and the beautiful Ryuhei Matsuda was there, too. Another similarity is that both of the films are pretty vio-- no, really violent, and the soundtrack is just out-of-place, yet relevant to the story (I think).

So there's 5/11 of the list. Please do read the rest here in 
PART 2!!

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So I've been music time-travellin'...(Part 2)

This is PART 2 of a blog post. If you haven't, by all means, please

     Let's get to the 60's. The story is that I found an old CD with about hundreds of Beatles songs burned into it (although many files are doubled; ya know, that greatest hits stuff). "So why not give it a try," I thought. Music that I get to hear nowadays suck, so I might find refuge in this. 

     I've only chosen 6 of my favorites (I didn't enjoy most of the tracks, unfortunately) and I really love them and kept playing them over&over again these past few days. Note: I cannot ever distinguish Paul's voice from John's, and I found out that a lot of people have the same problem so I'm hoping you, dear reader, won't hate me for it. LOL

From the 60's...The Beatles:

1. "Day Tripper" (1965)

"I just need to play this on the guitar! Even though I don't know how to play guitar!" that's what I thought the first time I heard this song. Riffs are simply epic. And so are the "now" suffixes... This is one of those songs that I don't really care what the lyrics really mean because it sounds dope. This is my favorite, with #2. :) 

2. "Help!" (1965)
Rock 'n' roll lifestyle (I know, Beatles is pop, don't look at me like that!) isn't as glamorous as it looks, and this song is all about that. I've never seen the movie of the same title (A Hard Days Night from '64 was hilarious, though), dunno if I want to. LOL John was literally screaming for help on this one. 

3. "We Can Work It Out" (1965)
A really simple Beatles song. The lyrics are about a friendship that's falling apart... The waltzy parts which last about two seconds each that's right in the middle of the chorus just stirs it up a little, so it sounds pretty interesting.

4. "Don't Let Me Down" (1969)
Paul looks nice in this picture...
Whooh! In your face! Actually all the "Don't let me down" parts can suffice my enjoyment of listening to this track. But of course, the verses calms everything down to build that crazy momentum. And John's growling. What a nice growl.

5. "Your Mother Should Know" (1967)
I had no idea of that all-white suits thing when I heard this song. It's kind of the things that make you hate a good song. LOL Anyway, I think this track just tells everyone that they know they're going to be legends: because it really was "a hit before your mother was born". This is the type of song that you want to introduce to the millenials (I think). I can't help but dance, or at least finger-snap on this one.

6. "Things We Said Today" (1964)
I'm so proud of myself that I can easily tell them apart in this pic. LOL
A kind of sad love song emphasized my magical minor chords. I like the lines "Someday when we're dreaming/ Deep in love, not a lot to say". It just floats on top of the song like a cloud.

I hope you learned a lot today. But please feel free to comment anything from recommendations, topics to suggest and corrections. Just type it in the Comment box below or e-mail me at prettylittleemoboy(at) .

P.P.S.S. My favorite Beatle is Ringo. And I never really liked Joh