Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Update! Andy's Clones, Other Art

I just added, and I hope I'm not too late, AXELINA from Sweden on my compilation of Black Veil Brides frontman ANDY'S CLONES HERE

Also check out my Asking Alexandria inspired ARTWORKS AND OTHER STUFF YOU PUT IN A GALLERY HERE.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey, 2014! My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits, Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria Headlines Next Year's Pulp Summer Slam, New Slipknot Album!

You can pre-order My Chemical Romance's greatest hits album entitled "May Death Never Stop You" this coming January. The band hopes that "the memory of the[se songs] continues to bring joy to you all as they have for us."

PLEBoy's new favorite band Asking Alexandria, together with a band that has been around for many years, Bullet For My Valentine, and many more acts (Kreator, DeathAngel, Hatebreed, Crossfaith and Black Dahlia Murder) will be having a show this coming April, officiated by your one and only Pulp Magazine. See you there!

Everyone's favorite masked band Slipknot is expected to deliver something new this coming year. Corey Taylor indicates that the new material will have flavors from their past works. Read the full article from Artist Direct here.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

As if it's not Halloween everyday in this pretty little home of mine...

This year I dressed up as one of Emilie Autumn's inmates/Bloody Crumpets, Captain Maggots! Fun fact: my high school crush called me "Maggot"/"Maggots" first week of high school. Cool, right? Haha.
Anyway, here is some pictures. Are. Some pictures.

I cut and bleached my hair, and made my own costume and makeup, as usual. I meant I put my own makeup. It's hard to actually make your own makeup. Anyway, enjoy trick or treating and be safe! -xo Edi

Monday, October 28, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Michael James Makeup :: xxmichaeljames :: Unsponsored YouTube Channel Feature!

Since I'm really really busy/lazy (at the same time, yes that is possible), I just would like to feature a magnificent being of makeup tutorials! My friends and fiends, PLEBoys and PLEGirls, meet Michael James or xxmichaeljames on YouTube.

Now, you've already seen one of his videos on this blog, but I'm posting it again to those who don't remember. Anyway, I'm just going to post some of his videos here that are my favorites. And Ciao! Tee-hee.

UK -- http://xxmichaeljamesuk.spreadshirt.c...-
Facebook -

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Music News: Alesana Cancells Asia Tour??; and My Soundcloud Profile Update

yes, that'

Since late June, Alesana posted some dates on their social media accounts of their Asia tour which will be (hopefully) on the Philippines and in Thailand. Now, there are no ticket prices (yet), and there are rumors circulating that their Asia tour is cancelled. However, their tour list on Facebook is...lemme just show you:
Well, if that isn't updated, they better update that, like now. That's all.

Anyway, speaking of Alesana and the Philippines, here's some tracks you might enjoy (I don't guarantee it) from my Soundcloud profile, which are Filipino versions of two tracks from Alesana's The Emptiness album (which is one of my favorite albums ever). aaaand I hope you enjoy my post today. :)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asking Alexandria Explains "The Death Of Me" Video, Lady GaGa's "ARTPOP" Update

British metal band Asking Alexandria surprises us with a brand new music video (again, directed by Frankie Nasso) of a different version of their song "The Death of Me". Now back from their Reckless and Relentless rock 'n' roll life, they will be bringing us darker and a lot more serious songwriting through their new record "From Death to Destiny", which will be launched in August this year. If you haven't seen the awesome video  (featuring sexy pasty-wearing cake-art-makeup chicks inside vending machines. Genius, Mr. Nasso) watch it here!

Asking Alexandria explains symbolism of dark elements of their real life further in this video:

Another music news, about our beloved Lady Gaga announces her comeback in the music scene this August 25th as she performs at least one of her new songs in the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Her artsy-fartsy new album ARTPOP shall be released this November.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who the Heck Is: Paolo Ballesteros (UPDATED Oct 9 2014)

Paolo Ballesteros as Jeepney Spears

Once more, well known straight actor Paolo Ballesteros is taking the Philippines by storm with his mind-blowing cross-dressng feats. Recently, he dressed up as Angelina Jolie,  Anne Hathaway (or "Anne Hataw-Away"), Mariah Carey (or "Maruya Carey") and Britney Spears (or "Jeepney Spears")! Oh, isn't that bongga?

For the past 8 years, Paolo has been experimenting with cross-dressing, starting when he joined local variety show Eat Bulaga's BEBOT contest as "Precious Paola Nicole" and unsurprisingly won the crown.

Just an update, Paolo accepted a recent challenge by Eat Bulaga host Joey de Leon to dress up as popular Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Nice job!

Now, Paolo, who is a father of five-year-old daughter, and his make-up artists are continuing to amaze us by dressing him up as famous celebrities. 

Who do you think is the next sexy celebrity to be imitated by Paolo? Kim Kardashian? How about Katy Perry? Or Lady Gaga?

UPDATE (Sept. 14, 2014)
Paolo as Hello Kitty Perry or Katy Perry(from Eat Bulaga's Facebook page) :

Paolo as Miley Virus or Miley Cyrus (from Eat Bulaga's Facebook page) :

Paolo as Ariana BangBang or Ariana Grande (from Paolo's instagram) :

Paolo's take on Megan Fox ("what the FOX say?") :

Paolo as Riri Kadiri or Rihanna (from Paolo's Instagram) :

Paolo's take on Beyonce Knowles "put your hands up!" (from ScoopBoy) :

Paolo as Tyra Beks or Tyra Banks (from Reyn's blog) :

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Girl Power: Emilie Autumn and Five Knives' Anna Worstell

Welcome to another post by none other than PLEBoy, your most reliable source of awesomeness. If you've read one of my blogposts about Top 10 Female Vocalists of Now, you will enjoy this one (yes, I have updated it and added them in). Here's your dose of girl power

I just stumbled upon this marvelous woman by the name of Emilie Autumn Lidell (or simply Emilie Autumn) on the internet because of her magical electric violin-playing prowess and punk cabaret doll-like appearance. I figured she is in any way connected to piano rockstar Amanda Palmer, and yes, she is.

Besides her instrumental compositions, her songs "F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl)", "If I Burn" and "Thank God I'm Pretty" made me fall in love with her music. And yeah, check out her take on the never-aging Queen anthem Bohemian Rhapsody. Here's a video from her song "Fight Like A Girl".

Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to her music especially if you love listening to Nightwish, The Dresden Dolls and other punk cabaret bands, and electronic pop music. 

Speaking of 'electronic', here's another electronic band you might look up to: Five Knives.

If you love listening to the Ting Tings, Sleigh Bells, The Knife, Daft Punk and other electronic music, you're going to love the catchy griefer anthems of Five Knives. With in-you-face vocals by Anna Worstell, their songs are a must-have after a messy break-up or simply if you hate your neighbors. I found them out via Gerard Way's Twitter, and since then, I've been hooked to their music!

Both of these acts are currently on tour, so I hope you support them. Do you know any more current female rockers that you want me to feature? What do you want me to write about next? Comment on the box below or e-mail me at . Thanks for reading! Ciao!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Around the Campfire with PLEBoy: Kuchisake-onna

Everyone (except the little ones who can't hold their bladder) likes to hear a good scary story once in a while. Here's some stuff you can tell around the campfire. If you dare. I mean, seriously, man.

Escape from Kuchisake-onna

      I was waiting for the train on a Japanese subway station one night. It was a very chilly evening, and there was only a single woman waiting beside me.
      She had silky, long black hair and wore a beige trenchcoat. Glancing at her face, I saw that she had shiny gray eyes and wore a surgial mask, probably to protect her from flu virus or pollen in the air. As I was glancing at her, she seem to notice me, and so she came closer, trembling.
      "Am I beautiful?" She asked me, still trembling.
      "Miss, do you feel chilly? Are you alright?" I tried to calm her down. "You seem to--"
      "Watashi kirei? Am I beautiful?" She insisted on asking, this time in a louder voice.
      "Well, yes, miss. Would you like to sit down fo a wh--" She removed her surgical mask to reveal a sliced mouth, from ear to ear. "Oh my god--" I froze.
      "Am I still beautiful?" She asked once more. I cannot take my eyes off her deformed face. I began to sweat in the cold air and almost forgot to breathe. "I--" There was no option for me but to run away from her. "NO!!!" I scream back at her as my feet raced to the exit of the station.
      I glanced back and saw her running after me, weilding a huge pair of blood-drenched scissors!
      "Ohmygod ohmygod..." I thought as I was running away from Death. I finally reached the highway and crossed it as fast as I can, still hearing her screams, which were suddenly reached to a stop.
      I glanced back as soon as I reached the sidewalk. Kuchisake-onna or the slit-mouth woman was hit by a taxi as she was chasing me. I caught my breath, but still I did not take my eyes off her unconscious body. The driver of the taxi that swerved and stopped in the midde of the road came out of the car. A policeman greeted me from my back, "What happened here?"
      "Officer," I started, "there was a crazy woman who--", as I turned back to point at the scene, Kuchisake-onna was gone.

      The end?

Kuchisake-onna (a.k.a Slit-mouth woman) is an urban legend in Japan. Read more about her here and here. What do you want me to write about next? Did you enjoy the blog so far? Don't forget to comment below or send me your comments/suggestions/whatever to ! Ciao!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Week Before Highly Anticipated Comic Book "Killjoys"

According to my schedule, June 6 (yes, June is on your door step, so don't answer the door yet) is the day of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys issue #1 (a.k.a the whole of one of the highest bargained FCBD comic) release date

Everybody knows Grammy-nominated ex-band My Chemical Romance released a similar-titled and themed album Danger Days, and everybody knows that the band's frontman, Eisner award-winner Gerard Way write comics. You don't? Well... 'K.

Yes, he wrote that book that he's holding on that picture...

...and he guested on the Emily the Strange:  Revenge Issue.

Anyway, as an amateur comic book enthusiast, I'm very, very excited about this great project by our beloved rockstar (featuring Shaun Simon, ex-keyboardist of Pencey Prep, ex-band of ex-MCR guitarist Frank Iero. Now solve for x. I mean, what?).

If you've never seen the Killjoys preview, adore it here.

If you've never ever EVER read an Umbrella Academy (that's G's first successful comic book series) issue you have to read this.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Roadkill Seems Safe To Eat: PLEBoy's Favorite Zombie Survival Games

Almost everyone loves the zombie apocalypse genre of everything from movies (Warm Bodies, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead), books and comics (The Zombie Survival Guide, The Walking Dead) and video games. And because everyday in PLEBoy is Halloween, I am going to share my favorite video games that challenge our mental skill when the time comes that humans will become brain-eating, decomposing animals, creeping in hordes.

     1. Get in the wagon: "Organ Trail (Director's Cut)" by The Men Who Wear Many Hats (PC, Android)

As a big fan of wagon games (-games that put your character inside a moving wagon, car or spaceship with a party of four or more/less. This kind of game lets you encounter random, and I mean random, events along the way), I really enjoyed playing this game over and over because it has so much wit. Like many wagon games, this one lets your character scavenge for resources, shoot enemies and lose ammo. Requires hand-eye coordination!

     2. Rule your own zed-infested town: "Rebuild 2" by Sarah Northway (PC)

There is a saying "there is strength in numbers", and that is the case of this campaign game. It lets you explore the town a bit a time and recruit more and more survivors as members to your party. And like our first game, this challenges you to balance supplies, shelter and food between members of your party. Also, your town and the people living in it, and their skills, will be generated randomly per game, so it's worth playing the second time if you think you sucked playing the first time.

     3. Smash really small zeds, like micro-zeds: "Atom Zombie Smasher" by Blendo Games (PC)

Originally a board game in concept, AZS is a really fun game to play if you're the type who would cringe at decomposing faces and would like a more poetic zombie game. Yes, AZS is one of the very few games that very seldom show the disgusting image of zombies during gameplay. Here, they are shown as pink dots infecting the shining dots (uninfected) since you get to lead your army by looking from far up. This is a very challenging game, because it gets harder, the more you suck at it, but playing the rounds for a second (sometimes third and fourth) time while getting better results is really satisfying.

     4. Action-packed classic: "Left 4 Dead 2" by Valve (PC, Xbox)

If you're looking for the gore and violence, this one's the game. I prefer this second installation than the first one because I find the new characters and zombies more likeable and challenging, respectively. I'm going to miss those office-suit zeds, though!

I hope you play all of these games and enjoy them. Tell me all about your experiences! Please post them on the Comments section below, or e-mail me at ! What do you want me to write about next? Did you enjoy the blog so far? Comment and/or e-mail me! Thank you for reading! Ciao!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Reason To Re-Learn Japanese: The Subcultures

Last weekend, I was engaged in an online conversation with one of my favorite BVB-loving friends, Zar. Apparently, she got hooked to the music that I abandoned listening to since the last weeks of my elementary school. It is a genre called J-Rock, short for Japanese rock music, which is mainly inspired by the Western punk scene, although retaining the Japanese vibrato. When I was younger, I only cared about the music; I learned the lyrics of some songs by YUI, Bonnie Pink, and of course theme songs of my then favorite Japanese-style cartoons. I did not dwell much on the image of the singers, even if I enjoyed singing Japanese songs.

It all came to me just now. I've been reading La Carmina's blog, and a lot of articles about several Japanese subcultures. I just recalled how crazy Japan is.

I have never been to Japan, and I wish I could get lost in Tokyo before I die, because, stating the obvious, Japan is rich in traditional as well as new-age cultures.

With that being said, and with I being a pretty little emo teenager, I now present to you my three favorite crazy Japanese subcultures.

Visual Kei as a Rock music sub-genre

The Japanese are well known for their own style of cartoons called animé. You'll know one is an animé show (or inspired by one) if the characters have large shiny eyes and crazy, big, spiky bright hair, preferably wearing a sailor outfit or a kimono.


Also note that the city parts of Japan are very westernized: they wear leather and fur jackets, get fake tan, listen to Pop and Rock music, and so on. Their adaptation of punk rock music is quite good, too, with all the nice guitar riffs and not-so-emotional-but-almost-there lyrics and all. 


Now, two of these worlds collide. What do you get? Visual Kei. 

Yes, the colorful scene normal in Japan's subway stations coming from their vivid imitat— I mean, imagination plus energetic punk rock music is very popular not only in Japan, but worldwide.


Note that many (and I mean many, they are countless!) androgynous guys dress up in feminine outfits, simply following Japan's good ol' traditional theatre acts, where all of the cast members are men, even if some of the roles in the script call for maidens.


Yamanba as a sub-subculture of Gyaru

I want to explain to you Yamanba in as few words as possible, but my sister breaks the record: Nicki Minaj.

I don't totally agree, though, because this subculture came first before this fashionista rapper.

Anyway, Yamanba does look a bit like Minaj, with additional hair ornaments, face stickers, piercings, and a little more makeup, and a fake tan. No offence, Nicki!


Meanwhile, Gyaru (coming from the word "girl", just imagine you were raised in Japan to have that kind of accent) is a general subculture of adolescents who want to flaunt their individuality (or maybe their sameness) through bright colors, super girly dresses and clothes, and a lot of accessories.


Gothic Lolita as a Lifestyle

Not to confuse with Visual Kei, Gyaru and any other subculture, the generic Gothic Lolita girl dresses very conservatively and minimizes the saturation of her choice of colors. Their dresses come normally in white, black and grey. They're style of clothes are very much inspired by Victorian-era fashion.


Gothic Lolita is basically the opposite of Gyaru (although they are both very fashionable subcultures) for being a bit too conservative and toned down. Isn't that cute?

Anyway, that's basically why I want to relearn the Japanese language, and probably why many people say Japan is crazy. See you in Japan! Someday.

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