Wednesday, February 13, 2013

P.L.E.Boy V-Day Special

Tips on gift-giving this V-Day by an emo boy who feeds on hatred. Just read it.

No, not that "V". This one.

Now isn't that cute. 

Today, even if it's kind of late, I just came up with some tips ongiving gifts to your loved one.

Or loved ones.

Or yourself. Happy independence day for you, if you know what I mean.

Okay, let's go down to business. I didn't say that out loud, didn't I. Alright, first, I have a list of stuff you can give (or have) this holiday, including the reasonable price and advantages/disadvantages.

  • A ukulele (around $19.95)

Because it's cheap, sweet, colorful, and...musical. I can't even. Just watch this video.

  • The traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates (around who knows?)

You can personalize this one by making your own sweets, making your own box to make it into a different shape and adding a lot of little decorations. One box is enough; too much candy can disappoint your loved ones' stomach. 
  • Roses

You can check out meanings of flowers here. Glass roses are cool. a simple bouquet would be good. A large bouquet of flowers is messy, but if you can afford it and you risk being messy, then go for it. Flowers wilt, you know!

  • Join him/her/your friends in a shopping spree before you buy a lot of gifts. Surprise is good, but being practical is hot.

So there you go, girls and boys. It's pretty little much about common sense. So enjoy your day!

What was your most memorable Valentine's? Do you think my tips are helpful? What do you want me to write about next?  Did you enjoy the blog so far? Send me all your comments/suggestions/whatever to ! Ciao!  

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  1. where can I get these???
    email me at plzzzz and with a price and website.