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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Aliceanna to (Tempting) Paris

Alesana has made two of my favorite albums (The Emptiness and A Place Where the Sun Is Silent), despite turning me off with their first works (On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax and Where Myth Fades To Legend). It does go with a saying "it gets better", and yes, Alesana is getting better with every record or project they launch.

Just to clear things up, if you're not familiar with this band (their name pronounced Alice-Anna), they are a six-piece post-hardcore group best known for being inspired by literaturefrom Greek mythology to the Grimm brothers' tales, and from Poe's poems to Dante's religious fictionand using their interpretation for their compositions.

Rockstars are no Peter Pan as fans watched Alesana vocalist, composer and guitarist Shawn Milke and the guys grow up and build their own families. Contradictory to Fall Out Boy's line "seasons change but people don't", Shawn and her sister Melissa (who does the female vocals for many tracks for Alesana, even though seldom credited), decided to take their talent to a new level. Taking the band's guitarist Pat Thompson with them, they moved from pop-punk Epitaph to a more subtle indie label Revival and recruited bassist Joey Mitchell (from blues duo SwampCandy) to create the band Tempting Paris (the name coming from Alesana's song "The Third Temptation of Paris" which is about the Trojan war, and probably Melissa's favorite song). 

The supergroup recorded their album Polaroids in July (although I still don't know where they got that title) filled with songs of a more personal and original touch. The new record included more piano, zero screams and a lot more Melissa. It was successfully launched with the help of crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Watch their music video for "Entertaining A Stranger" here.

Part of the project was a short film by the Milke siblings entitled "The Day We Met Bob Fire", which is a mockumentary of their journey as a whole new band. You can watch the hilarious film (featuring Shawn's adorable little boy) here:

If you like listening to Panic! At the Disco, Death Cab for Cutie, The Hush Sound, Cults, and of course, Alesana, there's a huge chance you might like this supergroup. So enjoy!

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