Friday, April 26, 2013

Andy Biersack Look-Alikes and Cosplayers!

Welcome to another post by PLEBoy, one of the places where you can view look-alikes, learn to dress alike, and hopefully, learn to live alike. This time, it's Andy Biersack, the frontman for the world's most hated (and at  the same time most loved) band, Black Veil Brides. He's the original pretty, tall, "emo" (stop labelling, you filthy label-ers!) boy. You know the drill. Here are some of his pictures with the band.

He's the guy in the middle. Anyway, without further crap-to-do, I present to you le look-alikes and cosplayers of Andy B. Enjoy!!
Swedish otaku Alexandra Axelina 

Ricky Horror from metal band Motionless In White

Avril? Nay or Yay? Comment/send a message!

Sebastiano Serafini, Italian model

Mahiro Kurosaki of visual kei band Kiryu (or My Dragon)

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MCR's Frank Iero and James Dewees New Music!

If you haven't heard of Pencey Prep (yes, the band name came from the school in J. D. Salinger's classic book The Catcher In the Rye) or LeATHERMØUTH, you might have heard of newly-disbanded concept-album rockers My Chemical Romance unless you live on another planet.

Anyway, I have found new music that I can mosh party to! New music brought to us by Mindless Self Indulgence front acts: Death Spells, a duo consisting of former My Chemical Romance guitar player Frank Iero and pianist James Dewees. Listen to their demo here (my favorite track so far):

If you listen to Mindless Self  Indulgence, Asking Alexandria, SlipKnot, and of course, My Chemical Romance, you might enjoy their other tracks on their YouTube channel here! Enjoy!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Hi There Nice To See Y'all

I really don't know what to post tonight... I feel a bit discouraged by the fact that "emo" subculture poineer My Chemical Romance and short-lived not-Japanese-but-Swedish visual kei group Seremedy broke up. Also death in the batch-family and my phone breaking apart  It's hard not to say this week was depressing for me. Anyway, I love writing for all of you despite being down and broken and hungry. I hope all of you are fine.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PLEBoy Makes a Beautiful Mess With Coffee!

As I have written before, coffee paintings look amazing. Now, it's my time to try out this not-so-unique technique in my studio (that is, anywhere that is called "living room" or "bedroom", but in this case, it's the kitchen). First, the obvious part is the brewing of the coffee. Thanks to mum who offered to help me with this.

a. uber-simplified draft of Vanya Hargreeves from the comic series Umbrella Academy; and b. egg tray of brewed coffee

At first, I expected the paint-brew to be a bit darker than on the picture below.

 nice pants and some foggy shiz on the background

Then I also forgot that it would blotch or run off to the sides when I didn't apply the paint-brew just enough to fill in. 

 why the heck do I call it "paint-brew"?

Enough of the target practise. I think I've adjusted enough to learn the basics of this...thing. Well, I know my drawings lack proportion, but I think it's good enough. I started with the guitar case and the background.

 and a bit of her hair, too

Then, while waiting for it to dry up a bit, I painted on the jacket and pants, then I also started with the hair and skin.

which actually looks weird before drying up.

I waited for it all to dry up (again. Yes, this activity does take a lot of time, mind you) and added a second layer of coffee. 

I also painted the boots. I fohgot tha dam boots.

Upon drying up, I added some strokes to the hair, because it's sooo blonde, to make it darker, of course.

 Isn't she fabulous?

After adding more squiggles on the background and adding the last coat of brew, my work is done. Almost.

 actually, I gave up, but who's gunna notice?

I did enjoy painting with coffee, and I hope you do/did too. 

my nerd getup whenever I paint, draw or write a blog

I cropped it, to get rid of the white spaces and Ta-dah. I also made another one. It's Rugged Robin form Grant Morrison's The Invisibles.

my favorite super villain and my favorite superhero. I guess.

That's all. Sorry about the low quality pictures though. So, that's my coffee painting. Paintings. Why don't you send me one? :)

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making A Beautiful Mess...With Coffee

PLEBoy presents...ellipses...and cool coffee painting tutorials!

If you've been reading the weekly posts of my awesome crap-log, you might have noticed that I've skipped typing for a long while, or like, a week. That's because I've been getting busy writing and drawing for Gerard Way (a.k.a that guy who used to sing in that awesome band), Andrew Biersack (a.k.a that chick magnet you just called faqqot during their show), Alicia Vigil (a.k.a Eve Black, or that girl in those BVB music videos) and my friend Chloe. Hi, Chloe!

...and she says 'hi'.

And yes, it was Lenten season, and my mum is a Catholic. True story.

That's me wearing bunny ears. And without makeup. A la KrisstheBunny.

If you can guess it right, for one of those recipients I decided to make a coffee painting. Now this may sound funny for some of you, but I don't consume coffee! At least, not anymore. I mean, I'm not allergic or anything, it's just not good for a pretty little emo boy like me (yes, I used to be a coffee addict), so I promised not to consume coffee products for this whole year. So hurrah for the milk tea industry!

Usually, they scream "drink me".

Moving on with my coffee-drunk history, I guess I'm just going to put some of the useful coffee painting tutorials by some art enthusiasts on the web.

This is a basic tutorial from by Kim "Gordie" Carver:

This one's from Jenny Dolfen (a.k.a Gold-Seven  on deviantART) from Germany:

I hope you find those tips very useful on monochromatic water-based painting basically. If you already have the skill of drawing (high-five me!) and/or painting (this is what I don't have...yet), why not give coffee painting a (caffeine-infused) shot?

What do you want me to write about next?  Did you enjoy the blog so far? Send me all your comments/suggestions/whatever to ! Ciao!Wish me luck with this, too! I'll post my experience immediately upon finishing my work! :)