Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making A Beautiful Mess...With Coffee

PLEBoy presents...ellipses...and cool coffee painting tutorials!

If you've been reading the weekly posts of my awesome crap-log, you might have noticed that I've skipped typing for a long while, or like, a week. That's because I've been getting busy writing and drawing for Gerard Way (a.k.a that guy who used to sing in that awesome band), Andrew Biersack (a.k.a that chick magnet you just called faqqot during their show), Alicia Vigil (a.k.a Eve Black, or that girl in those BVB music videos) and my friend Chloe. Hi, Chloe!

...and she says 'hi'.

And yes, it was Lenten season, and my mum is a Catholic. True story.

That's me wearing bunny ears. And without makeup. A la KrisstheBunny.

If you can guess it right, for one of those recipients I decided to make a coffee painting. Now this may sound funny for some of you, but I don't consume coffee! At least, not anymore. I mean, I'm not allergic or anything, it's just not good for a pretty little emo boy like me (yes, I used to be a coffee addict), so I promised not to consume coffee products for this whole year. So hurrah for the milk tea industry!

Usually, they scream "drink me".

Moving on with my coffee-drunk history, I guess I'm just going to put some of the useful coffee painting tutorials by some art enthusiasts on the web.

This is a basic tutorial from EmptyEasel.com by Kim "Gordie" Carver:

This one's from Jenny Dolfen (a.k.a Gold-Seven  on deviantART) from Germany:

I hope you find those tips very useful on monochromatic water-based painting basically. If you already have the skill of drawing (high-five me!) and/or painting (this is what I don't have...yet), why not give coffee painting a (caffeine-infused) shot?

What do you want me to write about next?  Did you enjoy the blog so far? Send me all your comments/suggestions/whatever to prettylittleemoboy@gmail.com ! Ciao!Wish me luck with this, too! I'll post my experience immediately upon finishing my work! :)

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