Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PLEBoy Makes a Beautiful Mess With Coffee!

As I have written before, coffee paintings look amazing. Now, it's my time to try out this not-so-unique technique in my studio (that is, anywhere that is called "living room" or "bedroom", but in this case, it's the kitchen). First, the obvious part is the brewing of the coffee. Thanks to mum who offered to help me with this.

a. uber-simplified draft of Vanya Hargreeves from the comic series Umbrella Academy; and b. egg tray of brewed coffee

At first, I expected the paint-brew to be a bit darker than on the picture below.

 nice pants and some foggy shiz on the background

Then I also forgot that it would blotch or run off to the sides when I didn't apply the paint-brew just enough to fill in. 

 why the heck do I call it "paint-brew"?

Enough of the target practise. I think I've adjusted enough to learn the basics of this...thing. Well, I know my drawings lack proportion, but I think it's good enough. I started with the guitar case and the background.

 and a bit of her hair, too

Then, while waiting for it to dry up a bit, I painted on the jacket and pants, then I also started with the hair and skin.

which actually looks weird before drying up.

I waited for it all to dry up (again. Yes, this activity does take a lot of time, mind you) and added a second layer of coffee. 

I also painted the boots. I fohgot tha dam boots.

Upon drying up, I added some strokes to the hair, because it's sooo blonde, to make it darker, of course.

 Isn't she fabulous?

After adding more squiggles on the background and adding the last coat of brew, my work is done. Almost.

 actually, I gave up, but who's gunna notice?

I did enjoy painting with coffee, and I hope you do/did too. 

my nerd getup whenever I paint, draw or write a blog

I cropped it, to get rid of the white spaces and Ta-dah. I also made another one. It's Rugged Robin form Grant Morrison's The Invisibles.

my favorite super villain and my favorite superhero. I guess.

That's all. Sorry about the low quality pictures though. So, that's my coffee painting. Paintings. Why don't you send me one? :)

What do you want me to write about next?  Did you enjoy the blog so far? Send me all your comments/suggestions/coffee paintings/whatever to prettylittleemoboy@gmail.com ! Ciao!

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