Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Week Before Highly Anticipated Comic Book "Killjoys"

According to my schedule, June 6 (yes, June is on your door step, so don't answer the door yet) is the day of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys issue #1 (a.k.a the whole of one of the highest bargained FCBD comic) release date

Everybody knows Grammy-nominated ex-band My Chemical Romance released a similar-titled and themed album Danger Days, and everybody knows that the band's frontman, Eisner award-winner Gerard Way write comics. You don't? Well... 'K.

Yes, he wrote that book that he's holding on that picture...

...and he guested on the Emily the Strange:  Revenge Issue.

Anyway, as an amateur comic book enthusiast, I'm very, very excited about this great project by our beloved rockstar (featuring Shaun Simon, ex-keyboardist of Pencey Prep, ex-band of ex-MCR guitarist Frank Iero. Now solve for x. I mean, what?).

If you've never seen the Killjoys preview, adore it here.

If you've never ever EVER read an Umbrella Academy (that's G's first successful comic book series) issue you have to read this.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Roadkill Seems Safe To Eat: PLEBoy's Favorite Zombie Survival Games

Almost everyone loves the zombie apocalypse genre of everything from movies (Warm Bodies, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead), books and comics (The Zombie Survival Guide, The Walking Dead) and video games. And because everyday in PLEBoy is Halloween, I am going to share my favorite video games that challenge our mental skill when the time comes that humans will become brain-eating, decomposing animals, creeping in hordes.

     1. Get in the wagon: "Organ Trail (Director's Cut)" by The Men Who Wear Many Hats (PC, Android)

As a big fan of wagon games (-games that put your character inside a moving wagon, car or spaceship with a party of four or more/less. This kind of game lets you encounter random, and I mean random, events along the way), I really enjoyed playing this game over and over because it has so much wit. Like many wagon games, this one lets your character scavenge for resources, shoot enemies and lose ammo. Requires hand-eye coordination!

     2. Rule your own zed-infested town: "Rebuild 2" by Sarah Northway (PC)

There is a saying "there is strength in numbers", and that is the case of this campaign game. It lets you explore the town a bit a time and recruit more and more survivors as members to your party. And like our first game, this challenges you to balance supplies, shelter and food between members of your party. Also, your town and the people living in it, and their skills, will be generated randomly per game, so it's worth playing the second time if you think you sucked playing the first time.

     3. Smash really small zeds, like micro-zeds: "Atom Zombie Smasher" by Blendo Games (PC)

Originally a board game in concept, AZS is a really fun game to play if you're the type who would cringe at decomposing faces and would like a more poetic zombie game. Yes, AZS is one of the very few games that very seldom show the disgusting image of zombies during gameplay. Here, they are shown as pink dots infecting the shining dots (uninfected) since you get to lead your army by looking from far up. This is a very challenging game, because it gets harder, the more you suck at it, but playing the rounds for a second (sometimes third and fourth) time while getting better results is really satisfying.

     4. Action-packed classic: "Left 4 Dead 2" by Valve (PC, Xbox)

If you're looking for the gore and violence, this one's the game. I prefer this second installation than the first one because I find the new characters and zombies more likeable and challenging, respectively. I'm going to miss those office-suit zeds, though!

I hope you play all of these games and enjoy them. Tell me all about your experiences! Please post them on the Comments section below, or e-mail me at ! What do you want me to write about next? Did you enjoy the blog so far? Comment and/or e-mail me! Thank you for reading! Ciao!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Reason To Re-Learn Japanese: The Subcultures

Last weekend, I was engaged in an online conversation with one of my favorite BVB-loving friends, Zar. Apparently, she got hooked to the music that I abandoned listening to since the last weeks of my elementary school. It is a genre called J-Rock, short for Japanese rock music, which is mainly inspired by the Western punk scene, although retaining the Japanese vibrato. When I was younger, I only cared about the music; I learned the lyrics of some songs by YUI, Bonnie Pink, and of course theme songs of my then favorite Japanese-style cartoons. I did not dwell much on the image of the singers, even if I enjoyed singing Japanese songs.

It all came to me just now. I've been reading La Carmina's blog, and a lot of articles about several Japanese subcultures. I just recalled how crazy Japan is.

I have never been to Japan, and I wish I could get lost in Tokyo before I die, because, stating the obvious, Japan is rich in traditional as well as new-age cultures.

With that being said, and with I being a pretty little emo teenager, I now present to you my three favorite crazy Japanese subcultures.

Visual Kei as a Rock music sub-genre

The Japanese are well known for their own style of cartoons called animé. You'll know one is an animé show (or inspired by one) if the characters have large shiny eyes and crazy, big, spiky bright hair, preferably wearing a sailor outfit or a kimono.


Also note that the city parts of Japan are very westernized: they wear leather and fur jackets, get fake tan, listen to Pop and Rock music, and so on. Their adaptation of punk rock music is quite good, too, with all the nice guitar riffs and not-so-emotional-but-almost-there lyrics and all. 


Now, two of these worlds collide. What do you get? Visual Kei. 

Yes, the colorful scene normal in Japan's subway stations coming from their vivid imitat— I mean, imagination plus energetic punk rock music is very popular not only in Japan, but worldwide.


Note that many (and I mean many, they are countless!) androgynous guys dress up in feminine outfits, simply following Japan's good ol' traditional theatre acts, where all of the cast members are men, even if some of the roles in the script call for maidens.


Yamanba as a sub-subculture of Gyaru

I want to explain to you Yamanba in as few words as possible, but my sister breaks the record: Nicki Minaj.

I don't totally agree, though, because this subculture came first before this fashionista rapper.

Anyway, Yamanba does look a bit like Minaj, with additional hair ornaments, face stickers, piercings, and a little more makeup, and a fake tan. No offence, Nicki!


Meanwhile, Gyaru (coming from the word "girl", just imagine you were raised in Japan to have that kind of accent) is a general subculture of adolescents who want to flaunt their individuality (or maybe their sameness) through bright colors, super girly dresses and clothes, and a lot of accessories.


Gothic Lolita as a Lifestyle

Not to confuse with Visual Kei, Gyaru and any other subculture, the generic Gothic Lolita girl dresses very conservatively and minimizes the saturation of her choice of colors. Their dresses come normally in white, black and grey. They're style of clothes are very much inspired by Victorian-era fashion.


Gothic Lolita is basically the opposite of Gyaru (although they are both very fashionable subcultures) for being a bit too conservative and toned down. Isn't that cute?

Anyway, that's basically why I want to relearn the Japanese language, and probably why many people say Japan is crazy. See you in Japan! Someday.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

I just updated a post of mine entitled Andy Biersack Look-Alikes and Cosplayers! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! Thanks!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Free Comic Book Day '13!

This Saturday I went home with a pair of sore feet, my custom sweat-soaked batman shirt, a stamp on my arm and six free comic books. I just attended my first Free Comic Book Day fair!

For those who aren't familiar with FCBD, it is an annual event held every first Saturday of May, where comic book lovers (and people who love getting free stuff) can get free comic books and buy discounted items such as graphic novels in selected book stores. My sister had attended three of four of these events in our country. I asked about her experiences for the past years, and learned so much, but then I had to learn much more firsthand.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:30, had a very small breakfast since my aunt isn't much of a fan of big breakfasts unlike me. Anyway, I and my sister are getting ready to go to FullyBooked in Bonifacio, one of the two selected stores this year in the Philippines, and we got there at around ten. I thought we got there early enough because the stores open at ten, but then the line went literally like two streets to the entrance of the store. 

TIP #1: Bring an extra shirt, an umbrella, a huge bottle of water, a camera, and a book or portable gaming device or whatever you need to bring, because the line and the weather can be unpredictable sometimes.

As we got on the freaking line, some folks were taking pictures of some cosplayers, some were reading books, and some were just observing everyone, which I did, just to keep from getting bored. Almost everyone was wearing a shirt with a superhero logo or at least one Marvel character on it. Some guy asked to take a picture of me because of my cropped Batman shirt. Some dudes and dudettes took videos of some people on the line, which includes me, merely because I look awesome. Long line story short: it took us more than one and a half hours on the line.

TIP #2: Go to the store early. The early ones get to eat lunch at lunchtime and get their comic book of choice.

You ask: What do you mean get their book of choice? Doesn't everyone get their choices? The answer is: No. When we got to the store, all of the titles were gone, and we were left with no choice at all. We got Superman by DC, Infinity by Marvel, and some random old-timey comics. I wanted Gerard Way and Shaun Simon's Killjoys so badly (I also hoped for Samurai X/Dragon ball, Bongo and even SpongeBob), but all we got was a generic superhero comic book, a comic book with a villain as the main character, and some random piece of I don't even.

TIP #3: Enjoy the whole event, from the line to the store and out. The line was freaking long, with a bunch of freaks and nerds which were amusing to watch and talk to, We didn't get what we hoped for was there, didn't even buy a graphic novel even if there's a huge pile of 20% offs to dig into, but I did enjoy the event, because we took pictures, even if they were only a few, Said 'hi' to the local news team's camera, saw a lot of comic books and graphic novels that I wished I could afford, and then ate a huge meal afterwards. So yeah, enjoy it! 

Just an open letter to the authorities of FCBD around the world:

Dear FCBD staff people, 
Hello, this Pretty Little Emo Boy, and I just got to experience your wonderful event. I hope this event in the next years will be a lot more awesome. I suggest that you state a fixed ratio very year, for example: one or two comic books of your choice and one featured comic book. Secondly, I suggest that you post a poll on your website, so that the number of comic books per title is enough for the number of fans, and also to track which comic book will have the most sales upon release of its whole issue. I know this is easy to say or write, and harder to impose, but I believe you guys can figure this out.
Your amazing supporter,

So there you go folks. I hope we meet next year at the local bookstore. I'll wear my bunny ears so you'll know me.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion! by Rockers! (You Don't Say..?)

Let's play a game! I'll show a photo from an online fashion store, and you guess which rocker designed it. Are you ready? I can't hear you!

Let's start with the first picture! Ta-dah:

Can you guess it? Did you guess it? Did you click the picture and/or research and cheat? Have you any idea yet?

Unless you are a big fan of Asking Alexandria or by mere coincidence, you would have figured this out by squinting once. This shirt was designed by AA drummer James Cassells, who, you might have figured this out, almost never wears a shirt at any show!

"Everyone thinks I'm a f**king d**khead because I play the drums." -James Cassells

The model is his girlfriend, and he models on his store, too. You can visit his store called Avise La Fin here.

Next photo!

Can you read it? Can you read the little itsy-bitsy letterings? Giving up kid?

For one thing, the word on the upper side of the shirt reads "Outlaw" on all-caps. Hey, where have I seen an all-caps "Outlaw"? Any idea, Black Veil kids?

"Being unique is what's cool, man. Being normal? What's that? That's a setting on a washing machine. No one wants to be that." -Ashley Purdy

Ah, yes. Right on that set of abs. Anyway, you can shop at BVB bassist Ashley Purdy's store Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. here!

Honestly, I'm friggin' tired right now. Physically. Let's just continue this next time. Please. Read this painting if you want to.

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