Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Week Before Highly Anticipated Comic Book "Killjoys"

According to my schedule, June 6 (yes, June is on your door step, so don't answer the door yet) is the day of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys issue #1 (a.k.a the whole of one of the highest bargained FCBD comic) release date

Everybody knows Grammy-nominated ex-band My Chemical Romance released a similar-titled and themed album Danger Days, and everybody knows that the band's frontman, Eisner award-winner Gerard Way write comics. You don't? Well... 'K.

Yes, he wrote that book that he's holding on that picture...

...and he guested on the Emily the Strange:  Revenge Issue.

Anyway, as an amateur comic book enthusiast, I'm very, very excited about this great project by our beloved rockstar (featuring Shaun Simon, ex-keyboardist of Pencey Prep, ex-band of ex-MCR guitarist Frank Iero. Now solve for x. I mean, what?).

If you've never seen the Killjoys preview, adore it here.

If you've never ever EVER read an Umbrella Academy (that's G's first successful comic book series) issue you have to read this.

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