Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Roadkill Seems Safe To Eat: PLEBoy's Favorite Zombie Survival Games

Almost everyone loves the zombie apocalypse genre of everything from movies (Warm Bodies, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead), books and comics (The Zombie Survival Guide, The Walking Dead) and video games. And because everyday in PLEBoy is Halloween, I am going to share my favorite video games that challenge our mental skill when the time comes that humans will become brain-eating, decomposing animals, creeping in hordes.

     1. Get in the wagon: "Organ Trail (Director's Cut)" by The Men Who Wear Many Hats (PC, Android)

As a big fan of wagon games (-games that put your character inside a moving wagon, car or spaceship with a party of four or more/less. This kind of game lets you encounter random, and I mean random, events along the way), I really enjoyed playing this game over and over because it has so much wit. Like many wagon games, this one lets your character scavenge for resources, shoot enemies and lose ammo. Requires hand-eye coordination!

     2. Rule your own zed-infested town: "Rebuild 2" by Sarah Northway (PC)

There is a saying "there is strength in numbers", and that is the case of this campaign game. It lets you explore the town a bit a time and recruit more and more survivors as members to your party. And like our first game, this challenges you to balance supplies, shelter and food between members of your party. Also, your town and the people living in it, and their skills, will be generated randomly per game, so it's worth playing the second time if you think you sucked playing the first time.

     3. Smash really small zeds, like micro-zeds: "Atom Zombie Smasher" by Blendo Games (PC)

Originally a board game in concept, AZS is a really fun game to play if you're the type who would cringe at decomposing faces and would like a more poetic zombie game. Yes, AZS is one of the very few games that very seldom show the disgusting image of zombies during gameplay. Here, they are shown as pink dots infecting the shining dots (uninfected) since you get to lead your army by looking from far up. This is a very challenging game, because it gets harder, the more you suck at it, but playing the rounds for a second (sometimes third and fourth) time while getting better results is really satisfying.

     4. Action-packed classic: "Left 4 Dead 2" by Valve (PC, Xbox)

If you're looking for the gore and violence, this one's the game. I prefer this second installation than the first one because I find the new characters and zombies more likeable and challenging, respectively. I'm going to miss those office-suit zeds, though!

I hope you play all of these games and enjoy them. Tell me all about your experiences! Please post them on the Comments section below, or e-mail me at ! What do you want me to write about next? Did you enjoy the blog so far? Comment and/or e-mail me! Thank you for reading! Ciao!

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