Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Around the Campfire with PLEBoy: Kuchisake-onna

Everyone (except the little ones who can't hold their bladder) likes to hear a good scary story once in a while. Here's some stuff you can tell around the campfire. If you dare. I mean, seriously, man.

Escape from Kuchisake-onna

      I was waiting for the train on a Japanese subway station one night. It was a very chilly evening, and there was only a single woman waiting beside me.
      She had silky, long black hair and wore a beige trenchcoat. Glancing at her face, I saw that she had shiny gray eyes and wore a surgial mask, probably to protect her from flu virus or pollen in the air. As I was glancing at her, she seem to notice me, and so she came closer, trembling.
      "Am I beautiful?" She asked me, still trembling.
      "Miss, do you feel chilly? Are you alright?" I tried to calm her down. "You seem to--"
      "Watashi kirei? Am I beautiful?" She insisted on asking, this time in a louder voice.
      "Well, yes, miss. Would you like to sit down fo a wh--" She removed her surgical mask to reveal a sliced mouth, from ear to ear. "Oh my god--" I froze.
      "Am I still beautiful?" She asked once more. I cannot take my eyes off her deformed face. I began to sweat in the cold air and almost forgot to breathe. "I--" There was no option for me but to run away from her. "NO!!!" I scream back at her as my feet raced to the exit of the station.
      I glanced back and saw her running after me, weilding a huge pair of blood-drenched scissors!
      "Ohmygod ohmygod..." I thought as I was running away from Death. I finally reached the highway and crossed it as fast as I can, still hearing her screams, which were suddenly reached to a stop.
      I glanced back as soon as I reached the sidewalk. Kuchisake-onna or the slit-mouth woman was hit by a taxi as she was chasing me. I caught my breath, but still I did not take my eyes off her unconscious body. The driver of the taxi that swerved and stopped in the midde of the road came out of the car. A policeman greeted me from my back, "What happened here?"
      "Officer," I started, "there was a crazy woman who--", as I turned back to point at the scene, Kuchisake-onna was gone.

      The end?

Kuchisake-onna (a.k.a Slit-mouth woman) is an urban legend in Japan. Read more about her here and here. What do you want me to write about next? Did you enjoy the blog so far? Don't forget to comment below or send me your comments/suggestions/whatever to prettylittleemoboy@gmail.com ! Ciao!

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