Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asking Alexandria Explains "The Death Of Me" Video, Lady GaGa's "ARTPOP" Update

British metal band Asking Alexandria surprises us with a brand new music video (again, directed by Frankie Nasso) of a different version of their song "The Death of Me". Now back from their Reckless and Relentless rock 'n' roll life, they will be bringing us darker and a lot more serious songwriting through their new record "From Death to Destiny", which will be launched in August this year. If you haven't seen the awesome video  (featuring sexy pasty-wearing cake-art-makeup chicks inside vending machines. Genius, Mr. Nasso) watch it here!

Asking Alexandria explains symbolism of dark elements of their real life further in this video:

Another music news, about our beloved Lady Gaga announces her comeback in the music scene this August 25th as she performs at least one of her new songs in the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Her artsy-fartsy new album ARTPOP shall be released this November.

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