Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who the Heck Is: Paolo Ballesteros (UPDATED Oct 9 2014)

Paolo Ballesteros as Jeepney Spears

Once more, well known straight actor Paolo Ballesteros is taking the Philippines by storm with his mind-blowing cross-dressng feats. Recently, he dressed up as Angelina Jolie,  Anne Hathaway (or "Anne Hataw-Away"), Mariah Carey (or "Maruya Carey") and Britney Spears (or "Jeepney Spears")! Oh, isn't that bongga?

For the past 8 years, Paolo has been experimenting with cross-dressing, starting when he joined local variety show Eat Bulaga's BEBOT contest as "Precious Paola Nicole" and unsurprisingly won the crown.

Just an update, Paolo accepted a recent challenge by Eat Bulaga host Joey de Leon to dress up as popular Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Nice job!

Now, Paolo, who is a father of five-year-old daughter, and his make-up artists are continuing to amaze us by dressing him up as famous celebrities. 

Who do you think is the next sexy celebrity to be imitated by Paolo? Kim Kardashian? How about Katy Perry? Or Lady Gaga?

UPDATE (Sept. 14, 2014)
Paolo as Hello Kitty Perry or Katy Perry(from Eat Bulaga's Facebook page) :

Paolo as Miley Virus or Miley Cyrus (from Eat Bulaga's Facebook page) :

Paolo as Ariana BangBang or Ariana Grande (from Paolo's instagram) :

Paolo's take on Megan Fox ("what the FOX say?") :

Paolo as Riri Kadiri or Rihanna (from Paolo's Instagram) :

Paolo's take on Beyonce Knowles "put your hands up!" (from ScoopBoy) :

Paolo as Tyra Beks or Tyra Banks (from Reyn's blog) :

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