Sunday, August 4, 2013

Music News: Alesana Cancells Asia Tour??; and My Soundcloud Profile Update

yes, that'

Since late June, Alesana posted some dates on their social media accounts of their Asia tour which will be (hopefully) on the Philippines and in Thailand. Now, there are no ticket prices (yet), and there are rumors circulating that their Asia tour is cancelled. However, their tour list on Facebook is...lemme just show you:
Well, if that isn't updated, they better update that, like now. That's all.

Anyway, speaking of Alesana and the Philippines, here's some tracks you might enjoy (I don't guarantee it) from my Soundcloud profile, which are Filipino versions of two tracks from Alesana's The Emptiness album (which is one of my favorite albums ever). aaaand I hope you enjoy my post today. :)

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