Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So many questions...

Which one will I attend?

I'm like a strawberry oreo...so crunchy and dark outside yet so kawaii and sweet inside... I dunno #wtflife

And given that description...

Should I create a new blog about Kawaii-ness?
yes, that's Haruka Kurebayashi, my fashion idol. Photo credits goes to Junnyan

I can't even keep up with my blog...And I blog random unrelated stuff on my Stardoll anyway...You know like Kreayshawn and Melanie Martinez and all that stuff...

Which one should I do first?
Write a Choose Your Own Adventure book?
Create a band?

Personally I think music should be put first, because trend is fleeting. Man, I do believe in trends.

So many questions.

If you have any more questions to add to that please do comment below, or e-mail me at prettylittleemoboy @gmail.com. Do not forget to like my page on Facebook. http://facebook.com/EdiEdiciuS . I typed almost everything with my right hand, so.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

EDICIUS DEBUTS TRACK! Listen to brand new "CAKE"!

The much awaited new artist is here! 

Give a listen to EdiciuS' "Cake (It's Too Late)" HERE! Enjoy!!