Sunday, April 20, 2014

RIP EdiciuS, New Management, Kerbera's "Counterpoints" and Some Friendly Reminders

Hey, kids. I'm not going to use EdiciuS as my name anymore, but you can still call me Edi if that's what you want. I'll be moving on now with my real name. Clear?

if that doesn't sound familiar to you...

No, PLEBoy's not going to have new management. I'll still be writing for you, my amigos, about live and love and the wonders of rock and roll and subcultures. LRRdS is also not my new screen name, just an anonymous mask for my blog and my blog only.

Moving on, I just saw this new video on the BryanStars channel (that's on YouTube, my children) from this fresh new band Kerbera, which, if you might remember, I've written a small piece of compliment for. And now they have this awesome crowd-funded music video. Watch it, it's super awesome!

Also I have some friendly reminders from the PULP Management themselves on this coming PULP Summer Slam!
now, if you cannot view it on your phone or crappy computer it says "one way to enjoy this year's summer slam is to wear the right kind of clothes that will not bug you when you're moshing at the pit. It's Summer Slam after all, so expect the heat to mosh with you. So, wear comfortable shirt, comfortable shorts and comfortable shoes. What to bring: extra shirt, bottle of water, also pack in: wet wipes/face towel, folding umbrella. Be alert! it can be pretty wild out there, so be sure to secure all belongings in your bag. refrain from putting your phone in your pocket; hide extra money in your secret pocket just in case; bring plastic bags to put your gadgets in when it rains; and of course, better to come along with your friends so you can keep an eye on each other."

Another friendly reminder, respect one another, be civil whether you're in or out of your house, peace is the best, use condoms, and support my music. -E

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