Friday, May 30, 2014

FAN FICTION TIME "We All Fall Down" Black Veil Brides, Legion of the Black, Wretched And Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

Thank you to Richard Villa III for weaving stories about the Fallen Angels and the Wild Ones; thank you to Andy Biersack and his awesome band and Patrick Fogarty for breathing life into the stories.

She was wounded and unconscious lying inside a wagon. There were other people inside, all dressed in black leather jackets, studs and boots. A bandanna-wearing tall man was driving. They call him the "Destroyer". The girl leans on another guy's bare chest. That guy they call the "Deviant". Another is on his knees, looking down, as if he is praying for her. He is the "Mourner". The fourth one, on an Indian sit position, had his face is turned upwards. He is in a trance. They call him the "Mystic". The last one seem to write down endlessly on a thick, black book. He doesn't stop writing. He is the "Prophet".

About a few minutes later and they seem to have reach their destination. They've stopped in front of an abandoned church. She has not woken up yet. Two of them carry her, while the driver opens the doors. They all enter the small church and walk straight to the altars. They light the candles, and a secret passage to a basement opens on the floor beside the priest's podium. They step inside, still carrying the girl.

The five leather-wearing men assess her wounds. Her nose was bleeding from the punches she took. Her knuckles bleeding from punching the locker door when she missed her target. Her lips smashed from the slap she took when the people she fought did not like what she replied to them. A big bruise on her arm from defending her little brother from a baseball bat. She took all the blows for him. She knew that he wouldn't fight back. They always got his notebook. They were always pushing him around. He was always criticized for being different. All he ever wanted was to be alone. She would never let that happen.

The men sewed her wounds that needed sewing, and healed all her bruises, but they did not wake her up yet. It's not yet time. They looked for the skeleton Virgin and placed it on a pedestal. It wore a heavy, black veil with golden ornaments, and looked like its whole skeleton was made of gold. The five men held hands around the Virgin, and not for long, it came to life. They made way as she stepped down her pedestal. The men woke the girl and helped her stand up. The girl was perplexed, but she didn't ask any questions. The Virgin, now a Bride, spread her palms, now made of flesh and blood, over a wall and whispered incantations. Dark smoke rose up from the floor where the Bride stood, producing another passage which now leads to a desert. The Bride encouraged the girl to follow her. The five men assured her that they will be behind her. 

The Bride leads the long path across the vast desert. The girl's hands shook despite the heat. The Prophet whispered to her ear, "never look back". As they were getting closer to a sole building in the middle of the place, the girl turned back to see if the men are still with her. She forgot what the Prophet warned her, but they did not react. She looked forward to see that the Bride had vanished, and stopped walking. The men also stopped walking, as they were going where she was going. 

"My brother," she started stuttering, "I feel my brother is in there."

As the night started to creep in, she heard noises of metal clanking and people breathing, marching. She looked behind her, and surely there was an army of girls and boys her age, all of them facing the building, getting ready for battle. The girl suddenly felt light, and she stopped shaking. She joined the team, and wore her mask. "Let's do this."

Shadows appeared in front of them. They had black skulls and tall tridents. For each skull, she saw the face of one of the people who tried to hurt her little brother. The Destroyer punched the ground, and it seemed to have warded the shadows off. The door of the building topples down and the army entered in their battle cry. The girl searched for her brother after fighting some of the shadows. She found him tied to a post and freed him. He was relieved to see her fighting with the army. Some of them were leaving with their fallen friends. She helped him get up on his feet and, after checking to see if everyone was saved, they run to where they got in. The Prophet screamed with victory.

Now that the battle is finally over, the girl heads back over to the Bride with her exhausted brother. They hold each hand of the Bride and are immediately transported to the real world. A pitch-black dark place suddenly shines out a very bright light. A familiar sound. Immediately behind them, a cheering crowd. The vibrations of an electric guitar. She sees her brother smile for the first time.

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Paper Gallery, Spring Cleaning in the Middle of Summer

This post is nothing special, except if you really like my art (which you can view here). Here is just some works on paper that I'm not sure if I have submitted them on my dA gallery (I'm too lazy to check). And I think they're cool.

Okay, I admit, I still can't get over meeting Asking Alexandria for the first time, so here are some of my works which are done months earlier.


And a Ben Bruce coffee painting.
Isn't that cool? You can paint like that too!

And of course, some crap I did during my first year in college. You can color it if you want to, just leave a message at this blog's e-mail add!

A Lady Gaga portrait I did when I was really bored.

An unfinished Painted Doll (from The Devil's Carnival) sketch.

Another Zdunich+Bousman inspired work, Amber Sweet (my favorite character in Repo! The Genetic Opera) and maybe her hallucinations or whatever while taking Zydrate.

That's it folks. Don't forget to rock 'n' roll. -H