Friday, July 4, 2014

Hey, Baby Girl/Baby Boy, I Got Sumthin To Say

Post update coming at y'all in 5... 4...

Hey, what's up everyone? So I just thought it would be great to update a post.
Specifically, this one right here:
P.L.E.Boy's Top 10 Female Rock Vocalists of Now

I thought it would be nice to make it more up to date, relevant and clearer and more enjoyable this time. Because! Because I just love exploring music so much that I want to share it right here on this very blog, though my writing process is not yet finished. Just informing you that I will take that post down and write a new one. (UPDATE: Read my new list! I've replaced the link so you can check it out) So everyone will be happy! Yay!!

Three last things: Butterflies. Love. Goth. Rebellion. Okay, maybe that's four things, but I don't care. See you on the street, Babies! -H


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