Saturday, September 13, 2014

Albums That Made Me Interested About The Devil's Throat (a.k.a How I Came To Like Hardcore Music)

"Ouch, your throat!"
"I can't understand a word!" are the most common comments of non-metal and/or non-hardcore listeners to screamers. I can name a few people from my town who are allergic to hardcore music for such reasons as "it sounds scary" or "it can damage your voice" (but seriously, I know many non-screaming vocalists who damaged their vocal chords just by singing). There is nothing and EVERYTHING to hate about this genre or style of music. Do you remember the moment when you fell in love with the vibrations of desperate screaming complemented by screeching electric guitars and pumping, rolling drums? Here's my story...

1. "Hybrid Theory" Linkin Park (2000)
      This is one of the earliest stuff that I listened to. And by "early", I meant the days I spent in kindergarten, no joke at all. We even had a Linkin Park club of two members in that small, lego-plagued room swarmed with baby-toddlers. Of course, at that age, I didn't really understood what the songs mean, I just thought that it sounded cool, and that it dwelled very far from the Britney-Christina-NSync-Backstreet scene that was very popular those days. Thanks to music channels like Myx and MTV (yes, MTV played music back then) and to my older, far-age-gap siblings that I was raised in a pop-rock oriented environment. Thank you so much.

2. "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" My Chemical Romance (2002)
      MCR has always been my musical epiphany, when I thanked the heavens for the availability of the fusion of astonishing filmography and listenable rock and roll. I was seven or eight years young when I first saw them on TV, and the first My Chem song that I acknowledged was Helena, and it all went downhill from there. I enjoy listening to "...Bullets" because it shows the band's raw punk side. I embraced the album's honesty and was impressed by the quality of the songs they laid out, given that it was their first time to make a record. Anyway, it was the album that included Frank Iero's and Gerard Way's rabid growls and screams before they tried to reach a larger audience by making their second album cuter, and at the same time harder.

3. "Fever To Tell" Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003)
      One of the earliest albums I've heard that included hardcore female vocals is "Fever To Tell". Karen O was the performer that I looked up to as a kid, since I had no idea about the existence of Joan Jett at the time. What I loved about "Fever..." and "Show Your Bones" was that K.O, Nick and Brian were clearly losing their heads  or so I thought at that time when they wrote their songs. I still listen to both albums and I still am amazed by every sexually hyper, drunk-dancing, crazy track that the triple Y's had for me. It certainly was a game-changer, a femme revolution for little me, the way it was like to young Bikini Kill fans.

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