Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween 2014! Pavi Largo first attempt

Hey guys! What's that? I can't hear you; the music's too freakin' loud! Drama Club is in the house! Good electronic music, whether it's a Halloween party or you just want to dance hard with or without booze! They've been touring with Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse and Set It Off, so if you've never heard of them, give their 25-minute mosh track on Soundcloud a listen!

Hey guys. It's Halloween once again!!! Best holiday ever (or second to Christmas, or your birthday, depends on you)! Last time, as I can recall, I dressed up as the crazy Captain Maggots of Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets. This year was pretty horrible because I planned to have a Blood Red Catrina/ Lady of the Dead or basically a skull type thing on my face but unfortunately everyone's doing it, so I have to think of another one. I was watching Drama Club's music video (because Halloween!) and then something clicked--Pavi Largo from the movie REPO! The Genetic Opera! Neveh too pressed for a dramatico entrans!

It was pretty hard experimenting since I don't have ivory skin in the first place, and I have no time making a molded mask, so yeah. I could've put false eyelashes on my real eyebrows, but due to lack of eyelash glue, I'm less awesome than what I expected. But I did my best!

So here's the end result; I'll do so much better next time. And yes, there's a monkey on my head!

That's all! I'll leave you with my homework. No, seriously; you gotta finish that stuff. 

Send Halloween pictures, or pictures of awesome doodles on your notebook, or just leave a message at or comment on the comment box below. See you on the streets! Bye! -The H.

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