Friday, November 7, 2014

Watching Rock Bands Do Web Comedy: Throwbacks, Favorites feat. Alesana, Motionless In White, Andy Biersack

Here's a throwback for all y'all scene kids and non-scene kids! Who doesn't love witty, young rock bands? Here's some videos from YouTube that would take you to the funny, crazy early days of our new favorite screaming heroes!

       1. Alesana in their own take of "Myth Busters" (2008)
What would a can of Mountain Dew taste like after leaving it for too long inside a freezer? Would it taste "water-y"? or will it still taste "Dew-tastic"? Watch to find out! 

      2. Motionless In White in "COPS EPISODE" (2010)
These midnight officers are in search for a kidnapper, who seems to be a dangerous "goth punk". Will they accomplish their mission? Let's find out!

      3. Andy Biersack (then Andy Sixx) of Black Veil Brides in "The New Adventures Of Captain Cold" with Chance Kilgour (2008)
All our cool superhero Captain Cold needed was a shave. But what was lurking inside the barbershop on Fleet Street? I hope they're not selling meat pies...

Not contented? Here's another one with Danny Worsnop and members of Black Veil Brides in "Average Joe", a webseries by Andy's cousin Joe Flanders. If you're still not contented, leave a comment below or e-mail me at so that I might give you a punch in the face. Just kidding, of course. Stay happy, my f(r)iends. -H

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