Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PLEBoy's Top 10 Tracks Of 2014! A Great Year For Rock N Roll! No Ranks At All! (PART 1)

Hey everyone! As the new year is peeking around the corner like a voyeur, let's recall all the head-banging moments we had after putting that circular, flat piece of plastic into the player or unwrapping your newly bought item from iTunes (that's how it works, right?). Or if you're a pirate of dot-mp3's, shame on you (unless you are Amanda Palmer, which only means you have no shame). So without further a-don't, let's get to this year's list of the best of the best songs (or at least, according to this blog). In no particular order...

10. "Skeptic" Slipknot

First, let's start off with the obvious one. Hell, you can take any song on .5 The Gray Chapter on this slot! The reason why I picked "Skeptic" is that it's the most badass elegy? requiem? Anyway, whatever you may call it, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind tribute to recently deceased Slipknot bassist Paul Gray. Don't you wish there was going to be a hardcore yet sincere one at your funeral (knock on wood)?

9. "Contemptress" Motionless In White feat. Maria Brink of In This Moment

I feel sorry for In This Moment fans who expected a track from Black Widow to be on this list, but yeah, their hot frontlady is here (hope that makes up for it)! MIW's third LP Reincarnate has a lot of great tracks in it, but I picked this one because it's such an epic duet of the Marilyn Manson-esque tone from Chris with the sultry, dirty yet hard-hitting vocals from Maria. I'd say no other track in [my] rock history presents regret and lust more accurately as this one.

8. "Lipstick Tonic" Kerbera

Our favorite new Swedish rock band hits this year's list with "Lipstick Tonic", this time the band features guitarist Freddy Hale's surprisingly smooth, clean vocals in addition to Seike's. Plus, it also has an awesome music video of a crazy booze-makeup-and-rock-n-roll party you wished you were in.

7. "All For Nothing" Linkin Park feat. Page Hamilton

After the climactic fame from their first two albums, everyone's favorite alternative band (I know, it's 'nu-metal') has been in a fairly stable state of creativity, but that doesn't mean that they've lost their genius side. According to band rapper-vocalist Mike Shinoda, they've been taking risks and experimenting sounds for their latest album "The Hunting Party". It seems that they got the right mix in "All For Nothing" with the added powers of Page Hamilton of Helmet.

6. "Divide" The Birthday Massacre

This Goth-ternative band proves that they are more than just a violet-and-black obssessed cult with their signature style of creepy yet cute vocals and mystical chimes on their latest album Superstition. "Divide" takes you to a fantasy world that you would not want to get out of.

Did you see your favorite song already? If you haven't, don't worry, this is only the first part of the list! There are five more awesome tracks in line, so check out PART TWO!!!

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PLEBoy's Top 10 Tracks Of 2014! (PART 2)

I hope you loved the tracks on PART 1, but if you disagree on anything written on this list, don't hesitate to comment on the box or leave a message in my mailbox at prettylittleemoboy@gmail.com ! Now, let us complete this list with five more amazing tracks that exploded in this year...

5. "G.U.I.L.T.Y" LostAlone

British rock trio LostAlone gained a lot of fans since My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way discovered their hidden musical treasure, but LostAlone fans remained loyal because the band stayed true to themselves and never stopped (until October of this year) experimenting on different instruments (you should see that custom-made "Penetrator" guitar from the "Crusaders" music video!) and otherworldly sounds. Frontman Steven Battelle has reportedly often submerged his head in water to help formulate some of their songs. If you're new to LostAlone, "G.U.I.L.T.Y" is one of their singles that you must listen to if you're looking for non-hardcore yet strong-sounding tracks.

4. "Naysayer" Architects

Another band from the UK rocks this year's list with their in-your-face single "Naysayer". Architects (not the ska-punk band) showcased more than their usual political themes in writing their songs on their latest album Lost Forever // Lost Together. If you haven't heard of this five-piece metalcore band, then go check out this raging three-and-a-half minute track.

3. "Machines" Crown The Empire

Texas-based metalcore band Crown The Empire birthed a powerful track from their 2014 album Resistance Of The Runaways. "Machines" starts off slow, urging the listener to heed to an important message—and then the song kicks conformity on the jaw. Throughout the song, there are beautiful ups and downs that makes this hardcore song catchy as hell. I give this track a definite 5/5 for a great combination of musicality and heart.

2. "Undying" Chelsea Grin

This year's list couldn't be any louder with a track from Salt Lake City's deathcore band Chelsea Grin's latest album Ashes To Ashes. "Undying" is a mix of melodic guitar riffs (which is a great twist for songs on the said genre) and freaky Halloween lyrics in the middle of July.

1. "Black Me Out" Against Me!

Kerrang's woman of the year Laura Jane Grace closes this list with "Black Me Out" from her band Against Me! . The band's 2014 album Transgender Dysphoria Blues is the perfect accompaniment for Grace's comeback as a brand new person. Like her, their music is now more fearless than ever. "Black Me Out" is one sincere middle finger to both profiteering control freaks and close-minded show-offs. To enhance the experience, also check out the obvious yet fun to watch music video.

Here are the runner-ups (a.k.a "some of the songs on YOUR list" or "additional listening")
"No Shows" Gerard Way
"Heart Of Fire" Black Veil Brides
"Bones Exposed" Of Mice And Men
"Meltdown" Stromae feat. Lorde, Q-Tip and Haim
"Klapp Klapp" Little Dragon
"Dangerous Days" Zola Jesus
"Feed The Ground" Periphery
"Stood A Chance" Taking Back Sunday
"Come Back Home" 2NE1 (this track is sooo good)
"Lived A Lie" You Me At Six
"I'm Everything That's Normal" Chiodos
"Why Worry" Set It Off
"Ugly Boy" Die Antwoord
"Sick Like Me" In This Moment

That's a LOT. Like really. This year has been really great for the rock music industry, and also for me, and I hope you had a splendid year as well. Let's now close 2014 with a moment of noise...