Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween! 2015 Melanie Martinez inspired Doll

Hi PLEBoys and PLEGirls! This year I dressed up as Melanie Martinez.

Yep, I know I could've done better. But at least I did the teeth-gap thing, right? :D

Check out Mel's music here:

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Replenishing this blog after 6 long months! (Comic Book Writing, Halloween, Lists, and more!)

Hey, boiys and gerls, I'm back! After uploading two absolutely incredible posts, I went exploring the world in 1800 days! (Not planet Earth, but the world inside my head...)

I haven't been doing much lately, except that I...

          1. ...attended a 6-week course in edX, which is "The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture (featuring Stan Lee!)", which pushed me to...

          2. ...continue writing my ambitious comic book, which I also made a whole new blog about;

          3. doing Halloween;
(Insert picture here. LOL.)

          4. ...and am reading "Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince" by Marc Eliot, which is a pretty odd task for me, since I hate reading books.

I totally missed writing to this blog, and I am super duper excited to post more lists (I want to write about my favorite music videos and my favorite "human dolls"!!) and other things that I find interesting (mostly related to rock music, comic books and makeup). :)

This is like starting to write a whole new blog again... Well, that was cheesy.

I hope you stay tuned, because I will. ^_^

Leave a Comment in the box below, or send a message to my e-mail . Till next time! ;) -H