Friday, November 25, 2016

I'm "watching that centepede and mushrooms"???

Hey what's up, everyPrettyLittlebody!! I, too, am baffled by that title. Let me explain it briefly. a few of us know. I have a song. (WTF???) a few of us actually care, here are SOME of the fifth-grade vocab lyrics to that:

Sometimes I don’t wanna feel your love
Sometimes I just don’t want to wake up
My heart feels that it is crushed twice
Sometimes I just don’t feel nice
I try to calm down and take my pills
I try to smile but the pain just never heals
I tried to call back but I feel that it’s too late

It’s too late
I’m feeling numb and cold
I’m seeing centipedes and maggots that never fade away

...And that's it, folks! Bye!
Just kidding. Anyway, I had this splendid idea. It wasn't really mine, though. Anyway, I plopped this blob into to Japanese and back to English (my song's in English, right??). And... viola.

Ye-hey, it got the first verse right. LOL 

Well, let's see if the rest of the song becomes sane.
Orig. lyrics:

Sometimes I feel better until
I realise I need one more pill
You see, this pill doesn't make me high
It's more like a loud lullaby
This f***er helps me sleep at night
You know it kicks in when you don't know what to write
I tried to call back but I know that it's too late 

This is self-destruction not self-medication
But this time, it’s safer, shut up ‘cause I’m older
Maybe I’ll go to hell because I still cut myself a slice of cake for
Every angel dying

Oh goodness me. Where's the CAKE????? LOL 

Anyway, please do try this on your favorite Taylor Swift song or something. If you're bored! Then post it everywhere. Ok? :)