Thursday, December 22, 2016

PLEBoy's Top 10 Tracks Of 2016! No Ranks! Upcoming Apocalypse, No Thanks! (PART 1)

    David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and many other legends leaving us here on earth, people not knowing what #Brexit was, Donald Trump and other people you hate being elected, are just few of the things that verify that the dreaded apocalypse is coming. 
    All cruelty thrown to us human beings and yet the music world still stands on its two feet. 
    Let's look back at the good stuff brought to us in 2016, in no particular order! 

10. "House Of Wolves"  Palisades

Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade is the perfect tribute album of the year: kids who follow the featured artists will learn to love My Chemical Romance, and long-time MCR fans can find new artists to love. It's a win-win situation! 
An easily overlooked track from the original suddenly stood out with Palisades's take on "House Of Wolves". The 6-piece band, from New Jersey just like My Chem, poured a shockingly amount of their own flavor, with soulful humming and finger-snapping, while retaining the hardcore side of the song. Indeed a perfect way to celebrate ten years of "the album that defined a generation"!

9. "570" Motionless In White

Our gothcore heroes return with an ode to their origins. First from Graveyard Shift (which will come out "winter" of 2017), "570" (area code for Pennsylvania, the band's headquarters) is an in-your-face track that sums up the band's 10 year-long musical journey so far. From the start, MIW's creative process has been interactive: just recently, the deadline just closed for the challenge of designing the cover of their coming album. So if you happen to be one of the Creatures who submitted something, good luck to you!

8. "Within the Void" Disreign

From a band whose looks and sounds make them seem to have come from a different galaxy (it's called Swedish Visual Kei, kids) spawns a twisted six-minute long ballad. Superband Disreign's "Within the Void" steals a spot on this list with Yohio's crazy vibratos and inhale screams, piercing the hard-hitting drops. Soft classical violin and piano parts complete the melancholic piece.

7. "Let It Sleep" Asking Alexandria

Denis Stoff, a lad of (jokingly) questionable origins who replaced the 2 years older country boy Danny Worsnop, proves his worth as a new vocalist of this notorious electronic-metalcore band. "Let It Sleep" is filled with fast-paced growling and rivaling vocal dynamics. Like their past two albums, the song has the recurring theme of the setbacks of having a glamorous sex-drugs-and-rock 'n roll life; Asking Alexandria's sound may be too consistent, but they manage to keep it fresh for every new song. Un/fortunately, Danny's back in the band, so let's just see what they have to bring next year...  

6. "Zero" Otep

Activist Otep Shamaya gives "Zero" (f-word)s, while saying it 40 times in this fierce track from 2016 album Generation Doom. This song does sum up one day on today's generation. Isn't it quite weird that one should give a (f-word) about climate change, animal abuse and unstable goverment?

Have you seen your favorite song so far? If not, don't worry. The planet won't explode yet. Here's PART 2, with 5 more tracks on the list!


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